The Formulas for Calculating Cockfighting ODDS

The Formulas for Calculating Cockfighting ODDS – In placing online cockfighting betting bets, you are certainly familiar with the term odds which is one of the markets issued by online cockfighting bookies in determining bets. Each of the odds found in each arena of live streaming cockfighting, of course, is all different. However, not all players are too familiar with how to calculate odds on online cockfighting.

For those of you who want to know completely and clearly about how to calculate winning and losing cockfighting based on odds values, here is the complete formula for calculating odds on online cockfighting gambling:

How to calculate Odds Plus (+)
If you choose Meron with an Odds of 0.94 and place a bet of 100. Then you win it, the technical calculation is as follows: 100 × 0.94 = 94. Now, the total win you get is 94 plus your capital. Thus, the credit that goes to your account is 194. If you say you lose the bet on this option, then the technical calculation will be: 0.94 × 100 = 94. That means you lost capital of 6 and will be returned to credit.

If you choose Wala with odds of 0.96, the technical count is exactly the same as Meron’s choice. 0.96 × 100 = 196. If you lose the bet, you will lose 4. If you choose BDD 1: 8, you must first know what BDD is. This option is used for series prediction before 10 minutes. The balance in question is that the two fighting birds die. The technical calculation for this option: 100 × 8 = 800. If the result of the fight is BDD, while you place a bet on the Wala or Meron option, then the bet will be returned.

Minus Odds Count (-)
Meron and Wala choice with odds of -.094, and you place a bet of 100. If you win, you will get a profit according to the number of bets placed (200). If you draw, the bet will be returned.) If you choose BDD, the count is similar to that for Odds Plus (+).

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